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Marijuana Shatters, Budder, and Oil Explained

02 Apr Marijuana Shatters, Budder, and Oil Explained

Technology and scientific breakthroughs have created awesome products out of marijuana plants. It can be hard to keep up with all the talk and terms, and even harder to distinguish the difference.

Dabs. This is a basic term that has no dictionary definition yet, but it refers to the concentrated cannabis extracts. Dabs are sold and can be taken in many forms with Shatters, Budder, and Oil being the main three.

Shatters are a twice-extracted dab that is smooth, clear, and solid. It looks like hard tree sap and is one of the purest extracts available at 80% THC. Due to the double extraction, terpenes are lost from the product resulting in a scentless and tasteless product.

Shatters are smoked using a nail and rig, handheld vaporizer, or vape pen.

Budder is a whipped concentrate that has a thick, butter-like consistency. Budder has its terpenes intact and has both aroma and taste. It is normally around the 70% THC range.

There are several ways to ingest the budder including hot knife, or charcoal. Many users report using small charcoals, with 0% tar, and inhaling the smoke of the heated budder.

Oils are the wild child of the bunch. They are extremely sticky and can be difficult to handle for a first timer. The THC percentage in oils can be difficult to determine due to the inconsistent nature of the oil.

Oils are smoked in vape pens or a variety of other creative ways. Due to the stickiness of the oil, it can make a mess of a pipe or bowl. An online-forum user suggested putting the oil on a rolling paper, laying a second piece over it (putting the oil in a paper sandwich), and smoking it that way.

Whatever your method or preferred THC percent, there is most definitely a concentrate for you and a way to smoke it.

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