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The Marijuana 2015 Craze – Smell A Scam

02 Apr The Marijuana 2015 Craze – Smell A Scam

The creativity of scam artists never ceases to amaze me. With their Craigslist and junk email lies, it’s hard to get through the day without noticing a potential heist in your inbox.

One scam that has being going for sometime is buying drugs online. You’re doing some street-drug research and a website pops up letting you choose whatever fantastic drug you want, the dose, and the discreet address you want it shipped to. IT’S ALL A LIE.

No, they are not going to send you drugs. No, they are not going to leave a paper trail with the United States Government’s Post Office. No, they are there to “make getting drugs easy.” YES, they will be more than happy to take your credit card info.

Marijuana is no different. Before the Weed Boom, or before multiple state legalizations, these scams were out there in a few places. Now, they are everywhere. These are tricky. Think about it, if it’s legal in some states they must just buy a bunch of it and sell it to people in non-legalized states! Wrong. That’s what they want you to think!

Avoiding these scams are pretty simple. The first step is easy; if you live in a state with legalized marijuana, buy from a real dispensary in that state. View their website, look for a copyright and website date, call the dispensary with a listed phone number, and finally Google map their address to make sure there is actually a store there.

Check out reviews or comments other buyers may have let. Most importantly do your research. Before giving someone your credit card number make sure it’s actually them. Check out MarijuanaShatters for an example of what a legitimate website should look like. Protect yourself and protect your weed, the two things that matter.

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